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Hey city slickers,

We were fed up with parking tickets, tows, and not knowing where to park, so we did something about it! We compiled all the street regulations for all the major "parking challenged" cities of the US—every stop sign, fire hydrant, bus stop, no parking sign, loading zone, and everything else too. We cataloged all of the handicap, permit-only, and commerical information and captured all of the frustrating need-to-know information for each of these cities.

HEY NEW YORKERS: The most up-to-date guide to parking in NYC is once again at your fingertips in the updated 2009 NYC Street Sheet. The 60 page map booklet lists every street parking regulation on every street in Manhattan between Battery Park and 125th Street, as well as complete metered parking, garage parking, school, gas station and subway information. Just about everything you could need to navigate Manhattan is on the NYC Street Sheet

Coming soon in 2013, the power of the Street Sheet will be at the touch of a button in a mobile application on your favorite smart phone. Stay tuned and we will let you know when it is available. Until then, get your hands on a street sheet and stop wasting time and money finding parking at your city destination!


No more parking tickets!

Tired of Parking Tickets

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iPhone Application In Development

We are excited to unveil our latest development efforts—the Tired of Parking Tickets mobile application is almost here. Due to launch late 2013, the TPT parking app will provide unrivaled parking awareness in major cities. The application will be available on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.





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